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Welcome to Kentrum Clinic

Kentrum Clinic was founded in Tijuana, Baja California, thanks to the initiative of Dr. José Álfredo Jiménez. After more then 25 years of working as a specialist in intensive care, coronary care, cardiac surgery care, kidney transplant and neurosurgery in the Intensive Therapy Unit, he observed how chronic degenerative illnesses affect a large percentage of the local, national, and international population. Today, Dr. Jimenez brings his knowledge and experience to Kentrum Clinic to help his patients maintain their youth inside and out through regenerative treatments and aesthetic enhancements.

We want to make it as easy as possible to help you achieve your optimal health.

Hormonal Therapy

Stem Cell



Today’s care, is tomorrow’s freedom.

Because every individual is unique and different, at Kentrum we offer a variety of regenerative, preventive, aesthetic, and anti-aging services that take into account every patient’s particular needs.

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