5 Delicious Summer Foods Packed With Essential Vitamins

How To Eat Right This Summer

Too many of us don’t get enough of the recommended daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals. We live busy lives, and unfortunately, our food is where we end up making sacrifices. Modern diets are constantly changing and you might not even realize that your new diet, while low calorie or fat-free, is seriously lacking in the nutrient department. Below are five examples of fruits and vegetables that can safely be added into most diets and will keep you feeling and looking your best!


About 1 cup of watermelon provides a healthy amount of Vitamin A. Did you know watermelon is about 92% water, talk about an easy way to keep you hydrated during those hot summer months. Watermelon also contains lycopene and can help protect against sunburn. There are also some studies that show that eating foods high in water can actually leave us feeling more satisfied with fewer calories. How’s that for superfood?


Eggplants are amazing veggies for backyard barbeques and are also high in tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that helps regulate appetite, improves sleep quality, and elevates your mood. Eggplants also help improve blood flow in blood vessels which is good for cardiovascular health. 


Although they are little, blueberries back a big punch. Blueberries help fight anti-inflammatory issues, help improve brain function, enhance mood, and help combat cancer cells. 

Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers are low in calories and delicious.  This sweet and crunchy vegetable packs a ton of Vitamin C and is the perfect addition to a wrap or a healthy veggie plate to share with some friends. Vitamin C is definitely one of the essential nutrients that you need to make sure you’re getting enough of. It helps form proteins that allow the body repair itself, keep your skin looking healthy and is critical in fighting the effects of aging! It also helps your body absorb and make use of other important nutrients like the ones on this list!


Do you need more iron in your diet? Spinach is a fantastic way to get more iron, while also being very healthy and low calorie, not to mention so many different ways to eat it! You can make some amazingly bold spinach salads or flash sear it in a stir fry with other veggies! 

Even with foods like these, it can be tough to get all the nutrients you need. Luckily there are other options to help us make up the difference. If you feel you are lacking in Vitamin C you should take a look at getting a Vitamin C Infusion. It’s a great way to get those nutrients directly into your system and bypass typical methods where so many nutrients are lost along the way. Oral supplements often are diluted as they travel down the digestive tract, with Vitamin C Infusions at Kentrum Clinic you can ensure your cells get all the vitamins they need with intravenous infusion directly to your bloodstream.

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Written by estbgnz