Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation with Growth Factors in Tijuana, Mexico

Plasma-rich growth factors can be applied on mature skin that shows signs of aging, or on young skin with acne scars. The signs of aging are accelerated by exposure to the sun, stress, poor eating habits, toxic habits such as smoking and alcohol, few hours of sleep and poor cosmetic care.

The stimulation of collagen and elastin production, improvement on skin coloration, decreasing fine wrinkles and expression lines, skin renewal, and restore skin vitality, are just some of the benefits.

We offer a variety of filler solutions endorsed internationally in aesthetic medicine. At Kentrum you may find the following products:

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PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, which is the nutrient dense serum that is derived from a small amount of your own blood. This bio-identical, hypo-allergenic solution is nutrient dense and includes growth factors that speed recovery time and promote results.

Unclog deeply congested pores, repair skin tone & quality, reduce pigmentation and much more.

You can expect near immediate improvement in texture, tone and clarity of your skin.

Most people can be treated successfully with our Vampire Facial. However, those with the following conditions may not receive treatment: Those with a sunburn in the desired treatment area. Those with active/inflamed acne in the desired treatment area. Those with Psoriasis/eczema in the desired treatment area. Those with open cuts/wounds in the desired treatment area. Those who have a history of keloids on face. Anyone on Accutane (must be off for at least 6 months prior to treatment). Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Those using topical retinoids such as Retin-A. (Please stop using 1-2 weeks prior to your scheduled treatment.) Those using blood thinners or steroids (alternatives that are allowed: laser treatments such as Clear & Brilliant or Pixel)

No. We provide our clients with a free medical grade numbing agent that reduces any treatment sensations.

Post treatment, you will most likely want to go home right after, as it may appear as if you have an egg mask on your face. The night of, you will want to refrain from a workout, travel or other social event. You may return to normal activities the next day.


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