Hair Restoration with PRP

Hair Restoration at Kentrum Clinic with Plasma-Rich Growth Factors

The treatment of hair loss has had advances in recent years, but in most cases it remains a challenge for the doctor and patient.

It has been demonstrated that the main causes of hair loss are genetic and hormonal. At least 25% of men show signs of hair loss at thirty years and 40% of women approximately suffer from hair loss upon entering menopause. In addition, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders, certain medications or stress are factors that can contribute to hair loss.

There is a wide variety of treatments that have proven their effectiveness, among them is plasma-rich growth factors and according to recent studies it will be the next great advance in the treatment of alopecia.

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PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, which is the nutrient dense serum that is derived from a small amount of your own blood. This bio-identical, hypo-allergenic solution is nutrient dense and includes growth factors that speed recovery time & promote results.

It is one of the treatments with a great present, but a better future in hair regeneration medicine. It enhances hair growth, recovers density, effective for effluvium. Other benefits of PRP treatments are: Combats clogged pores, repairs skin tone and quality, reduce pigmentation and much more benefits.

You can expect near immediate improvement to your hair, your scalp, and a reduction of hair loss.

Most people can be treated successfully with our Vampire Facial however those with the following conditions may not receive treatment: Those with a sunburn in the desired treatment area. Those with active/inflamed acne in the desired treatment area. Those with Psoriasis/eczema in the desired treatment area. Those with open cuts/wounds in the desired treatment area. Those who have a history of keloids on face. Anyone on Accutane (must be off for at least 6 months prior to treatment). Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Those using topical retinoids such as Retin-A. (Please stop using 1-2 weeks prior to your scheduled treatment.) Those using blood thinners or steroids (alternatives that are allowed: laser treatments such as Clear & Brilliant or Pixel)

No. We provide our clients with a free medical grade numbing agent that reduces any treatment sensations.

Not necessarily, once the treatment is finished, normal daily tasks can be performed. It is not recommended to massage or touch the treated area.


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