Vitamin C Infusions

Vitamins and nutrients are essential for daily bodily function. They play an important role in promoting healthy energy levels, a positive mood, and even boosting your immune system. Although a healthy diet is important to maintain good overall health, most of the nutrients and vitamins in food are lost due to farming and pollution. Often, people search for alternative sources to replenish their lack of vitamins. This is where Vitamin C Infusions can help.

Many people like to boost their nutritional status and body through the use of supplements. This helps to sharpen your mind and improve overall performance. However, when supplements are taken orally they can be diminished by your digestive tract. Therefore, you’re losing most of the nutrients in the process!

At Kentrum Clinic, we offer vitamin c infusions to better deliver these vital nutrients that your cells need to function. A vitamin infusion can ensure these nutrients are delivered to your cells, much more so than an oral vitamin supplement.

Benefits of a Vitamin C Infusion

A vitamin c infusion has many benefits, although its main benefit is directly administering nutrients to your cells. How vitamin c interacts with your body shows why it’s so important to choose an infusion over an oral pill, to guarantee your body is putting these vitamins to use. Here are three ways that vitamin c can help you:

1. It Acts As an Antioxidant

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant by protecting cells from harmful oxidants that could damage them. An antioxidant is a substance that removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents in your body. In turn, this helps aid in strengthening your immune response.

2. Vitamin C Helps Your Skin Block Pathogens

Skin does much more than cover our bones. It acts as your first defensive barrier against external pathogens. While most people seek treatments to improve the appearance of the skin, it is important to ensure the health of your skin as well. This way, it can better protect against pathogens. Vitamin C also helps your skin protect against infection by helping enhance your skin’s ability to seek out oxidants and therefore relieves oxidative stress. Additionally, vitamin C also helps with the production of collagen, which promotes rapid wound healing. 

3. It Helps Your Cells Combat Disease

Do you ever wonder why, when you were growing up, your mom’s go-to for the common cold was orange juice? There may be more to it than an old wives tale. Studies have shown that vitamin C plays a key role in supporting immune cell function. One example of this is neutrophil cells, which are a type of white blood cell. Neutrophils serve as temporary responders to combat inflammation and have been shown to depend on vitamin C for survival and function. 

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Why deprive your body of essential vitamins and nutrients with an oral pill, when you have alternative and effective options? Kentrum Clinic is helping patients with vitamin C infusions in Foutain Valley, Santa Ana, Westminster, surrounding areas, and Tijuana, Baja Mexico. Contact our elite medical professionals today to begin your journey to better health.


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